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Artemisia is the storytelling of an Embera child that narrates the arrival of a medicinal plant that cures the Malaria, a reflextion in  the community grows about the loss of their culture and ancestral knowledge since they moved to Quibdó, Chocó. Due to their force displacement the youth make a call about the recognition of their traditions. They are aware of how their new home is making them forget about their traditions. The voice of a new indigenous generation looking for freedom.

Estado: Post producción
​Dirección: Jose Nando Roa
Producción: Eilyn Juliana Duarte
Producción Ejecutiva: Eilyn Juliana Duarte y  Jose Nando Roa

Empresa Productora: Arje Film Producciones
Coproducción: un partage un sourire un bonheur


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