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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana


Rosmelia is an Embera Katio indigenous that has been living for over ten years in Quibdó, Chocó due to the forced
displacement caused by the armed conflict that surrounds the native reserve where she used to live. To maintain her
cultural identity she became the governor of an indigenous council that along with other leaders work to overcome
the obstacles of living in a new city that does not accept their culture. Education, health, sustainability, and the
retrieval of their ancestral land are the main subjects that keep indigenous of the ‘Embera Nation’ fighting so that

they do not continue confined to a city where their voices are not being heard.

Title: Embera Nation
Genre: Documentary
Format / Duration: 2k/80 minutes
Shooting: August 2021
Release: September 2023

Production Company : Arje Film Producciones

Writers: Mileidy Domicó, Eilyn Juliana Duarte.,Alejandra Sandoval Galvis

Directors: Eilyn Juliana Duarte and Alejandra Sandoval Galvis

Executive production: Mileidy Domicó and Jose Nando Roa

Director of photography: Andres Morales Duarte

Editor: Isabel Cristina Otálvaro

Sound: Hilo Estudio Films, Daniel Gomez and Yesid Ricardo Vásquez

Budget: $ 527.903

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